My Kid Draws Herself to Sleep (Still)


It all started in December. Here you go, Roozle, take your crayons and go to bed. Here we are all the months later and she’s still drawing herself to sleep almost every night. These days, she often cleans off her bed before falling asleep, so I only get photos on the extra tired days. She draws princesses and animals and practices writing words and her numbers are mostly still backwards. She sneaks scissors and glue to bed sometimes. The no marker rule was lifted long ago after so many nights of it being just fine. There are a few stray lines drawn on her wall, of course. And on her bed. And on her sheets. Those lines tell a story of a tired kid getting creative before bed.

I like that story a lot.

All these months later, she still goes to bed at the same time (around 7:30) and falls asleep at some time between then and 9:30. Mostly without too much complaint. Mostly without too many requests or escape attempts. Mostly with a lot of drawing. And singing. Always the singing.

We go through a lot of paper around here. It rules. Goodnight, Roozle.

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Author: Casey

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