Two Years of Blogging Every Day


It all starts with a blank page. Every day. Over and over again. Today I celebrate two full years of blogging every day. Two years of showing up. Two years of doing the work. When I started blogging every day, I wasn’t planning on it. I decided to blog every day in September that year, but realized I hadn’t missed a day in a couple of weeks. Then I tried to make it to the end of the year. Then I made it my goal for the following year. And again this year. And here we are.

I’ve learned how to write better. To live better. To invest in this community I’ve found here. I’ve learned to not take myself so seriously. I’ve learned that I don’t have to be perfect and don’t have to change the world right here in this space. At least not every day.

I started writing online with LiveJournal in 2000. There, I found a community to support me as I came out and lost so much. Since then, I’ve moved around to a few different blogs and spaces, always struggling to find my voice. Always struggling to believe my words and my story and all that I have to say was worth it. That changed when I started doing this every day. The voice of “Is this worth it?” was silenced. It’s worth it because it has to be. Because I need to keep going. Every day. So I do.

Blogging rules. Writing rules. Learning to believe in yourself rules.

Let’s keep going.

Author: Casey

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