Pajama Drama


Sometimes we get stuck as parents. Sometimes we get stuck as kids.

As school finished up this past year, our lives changed forever. Okay, maybe not forever. But for way too long. What had once been a time of independence and hugs and kisses became a struggle. A bargain. A fight. Every single night.

Roozle refused to put on her own pajamas.

It started with one or two or three days in a row of feeling too tired after camp.

Tired kid + eager to help parents = new routine of awful.

It was a new routine we hated. One we couldn’t get out of. OMG SOMEONE HELP US.

This has happened before. When she was a toddler, she took her shoes off every single time she got in the car. Daycare was less than two miles away. She got in the car, took her shoes off, and we were there. I had to dig around the backseat to find them. Then convince her wiggling feet to accept the shoes again. Every single day. It was one of those things that was probably no big deal in the grand scheme of things but I really couldn’t handle it.

We finally won the shoe battle by offering 5 minutes of iPad time every time she kept her shoes on in the car. We only had to give her the iPad a few times before she just stopped taking her shoes off. It worked. It was easy. It ruled.

Back to the Pajama Drama of 2014…

Things were getting serious. Getting Roozle ready for bed left us all exhausted and angry. It had to stop.

Then she left her favorite ball at her grandmother’s house and I got an idea. A brilliant idea. She needed a new ball (I use the word needed loosely here). I needed her to put her own pajamas on (the word needed is used strongly here). I had a plan. If she put her own pajamas on for four days in a row, I would take her to the toy store to pick out a new ball.

Her not-so-tiny 90th percentile head exploded.


See? She needed it.

For the next four days, she talked about the ball she would pick. She wondered out loud (always out loud) whether she should get a big ball or small one. A basketball. A soccer ball. Go ahead, Roozle, talk incessantly about the ball, just keep putting your pajamas on.

She did. She got the ball. She kept putting on her own pajamas. We’re gonna make it. This rules.

Author: Casey

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