Letting Go


Someone has a new desk. And by new I mean, I moved all her stuff around while she was sleeping and gave away a hallway full of her preschool toys and now she thinks all the old stuff she hasn’t noticed in a while is new and exciting and amazing.

It is amazing, Roozle.

It’s amazing that you’ve outgrown your play kitchen and sit-and-spin. It’s amazing that you’ll be in kindergarten soon and wanted a desk space of your own. It’s amazing that you don’t use that easel anymore, as you prefer a clipboard for your work. That you didn’t cry when you realized I wanted to give it all away. That you, instead, offered to help us bring it all outside to the sidewalk.

She writes numbers and words more than she draws princesses these days. She asks to play UNO instead of Memory. She doesn’t need help with the glue. She pours her own milk.

Sometimes, five still feels so little. Sometimes, it feels a lot like letting go.

Author: Casey

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