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This weekend, we were asked where we “got” Roozle. Again. We get asked this a lot. I’m tired of being asked and I’m tired of never knowing how to answer. I wrote about it on



When people see my family, they often feel compelled to ask me and my wife where our daughter came from.

“Where did you get her? Did you adopt? Did one of you have her? How? Which one?”

We hear these questions a lot. Mostly from well-meaning friends of friends. Mostly when they’ve had a bit to drink at a party. And so far, thankfully, when our daughter isn’t around. I’m not sure if this is on purpose, though I seriously hope it is. I hope that one would stop themselves from asking these questions in front of our 5-year-old who doesn’t yet need to know how invasive the personal questions can be when your family is different. And ours is. We’re different.

I never know how to answer these questions and usually do it wrong.

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