When She’s Ready


She learned to swim this weekend. And by learned I really mean started. Because that’s how it goes with Roozle. She learns in her head long before she actually does things. She waits. She needs to be ready. She needs to be pretty close to perfect.

I’ve signed her up for lessons and failed. I’ve encouraged her and failed. So I just wait. And wait. And sometimes wait some more. I’m getting pretty good at waiting, even with my enthusiasm problem. When she’s ready, she lets us know.

“I’m ready to take my life jacket off!”



And there you have it. She swam. Above water. Again and again.

Now she’s ready for swimming lessons. Not the times that I’ve signed her up or begged her to go. Now. When she decided. She’s ready to get better. I had nothing to do with it. She was just ready.

Parenting Roozle is a lot more about waiting than teaching. More about watching and learning than guiding. I’m okay with that. She’s doing just fine. And she can SWIM across the pool. She clearly gets how this all should go way better than I do.

Author: Casey

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