Apple Arugula Sandwich


The other night, I forgot to eat dinner. I had a meeting after work and then went for a run and by the time I got home, I had all the things to do and just forgot. This is why it rules to make dinner every night for this little family of mine. It reminds me to eat.

By the time I remembered, it was too late for much. At first, I considered toast. Toast is an excellent 11pm dinner. Then my toast got fancy and I ended up with my new favorite sandwich.


Toasted rye bread
Vegan mayo (because it tastes better)
Thin apple slices
A giant pile of arugula (because awesome)
Cheddar cheese


The arugula squishes down beautifully. The apple crunches. This sandwich totally rules. It’s my new favorite.

What’s your favorite sandwich?

Author: Casey

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