Do You Have A Dad?


“Do you have a dad?”


“Why not?”

“Because I have a Mommy and a Mama.”

“But they are two girls. Can two girls make a baby together?”

“Well, they have two eggs I guess? And two sperms?”

“It only takes one egg to make a baby.”

“Oh right! And the sperm is from a boy! From my donor! A donor is like a dad.”

“Well, not really. Because we don’t know your donor. We just know about him.”

“Right! We know that he likes swimming! And running! And how did the sperm get into your body?”

“The donor gave his sperm to the doctors and a different doctor put it in my body with a tube.”

“Oh yeah. And then the egg and sperm made me and I grew and grew in your belly.”


“Mommy, guess what! If you eat too much candy, you get a special kind of tooth! It’s SILVER!”

Author: Casey

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