Preparing For A Blogging Conference In 5 Easy Steps


It’s blogging conference time again! I’m off to BlogHer in California later this week. And I’m totally ready. You can be too!

How To Get Ready For A Blogging Conference In Just Five Easy Steps

Step One:

Log in to your blog and update your About page. Note that the age of your child listed is from a year ago when you last did this. Add some new links to feel super fancy. Then leave it alone until next year at the same time.

Step Two:

Check Facebook to see all the pictures you were tagged in last year. Then go to your closet and pick clothes that aren’t the clothes you just saw in all those pictures. Put them in a suitcase.

Step Three:

Find the stack of business cards you bought two years ago for a blogging conference when you were a bit too enthusiastic with the amount you ordered. Step 3A: Give away a lot of business cards so you can be done with this stack that has no end.

Step Four:

If you planned to blog from the the conference, schedule posts now. You won’t have time or will be too tired or won’t feel like blogging from your phone on your way to late night karaoke. For real.

Step Five:

Don’t schedule anything that requires thinking or energy for the two days after the conference. You will be full of ideas and exhaustion and won’t be able to do any of the things quite yet. Give yourself some time to settle back into reality.

You’re all set to go! See you in San Jose!

Author: Casey

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