10 Years of Marriage


Ten years ago today, we exchanged vows on a hot summer day. The day was perfect and imperfect in all the ways.

Ten years feels big. And important.

This marriage feels big. And important.

Because it is. Sometimes it’s hard. Mostly it’s beautiful. And I usually wake up to coffee in bed delivered with a kiss, so I obviously win everything.

In these ten years, we’ve grown up together. We’ve struggled and done the work.

It’s always worth it though, this walking together.

In these ten years, we’ve become parents and rediscovered ourselves over and over. We’ve learned how to love each other better. We’ve learned what matters, and what doesn’t. We’ve loved and compromised and hurt and talked all the talks.

We really like talking.

Ten years later, I’m proud of who we’ve become.

Author: Casey

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