Learning To Run


“Do you know what a goal is?”

“Yeah. That’s the place you kick the ball to.”

“Oh right. Soccer. But have you heard of someone having a goal?”

“Um… No.”

“It’s like something you want to do, but can’t do it yet because you need to learn. So you make a goal and work learning and practicing.”

“My goal is to learn how to swim without a life jacket!”

“That’s a great goal! I can help you practice! My goal is to learn how to run.”

“So you will have to practice!”

“Yes. Learning how to run takes a lot of practice.”

Two days later…

“Riley, can you put your sneakers on? We’re headed to the track to go for a run.”


When I finished, she told me I did a great job. She gave me 29 points. I’m not sure what that means, but it felt awesome. While we ran the track, she worked in her workbook. And ran a little. And talked to us a lot as we passed.

She was proud of me. I was proud of myself.

In less than a week, I ran three times. Each time, a full mile without stopping. Something I’ve tried to do over and over for years and just couldn’t.

New sneakers that fit better, the track, and Roozle’s point system keep me going.

Remembering the mantra, This Run Matters keeps me going.

For now, practicing means running one mile at a time. One day, that one mile may turn into two. Maybe not for a while. That’s okay. I’m just practicing. I’m just learning. Always getting a little better.

Author: Casey

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