The Frog Pond Has No Frogs


“Will you sit with me while I eat dinner? I want to hear about your day.”

“I’ll sit right here!” (On the table).

“What did you do today?”

“We went to the frog pond! It wasn’t even a pond and actually didn’t have ANY frogs at all!”

“That’s super fun. Did you swim?”

“No. It was too shallow. But there was a fountain that was like a pipe and then water came out. But no peeing and no eating and no running.”

“Those are great rules for the frog pond.”

“And then our Miss N. asked if any of us wanted to go for a walk and I said yes and we saw the ducklings which I like saw yesterday and then the carousel but she said we need THREE dollars from our parents to go on it.”

“Do you need three dollars tomorrow?”

“I don’t know.”

“That sounds like a totally fun day.”

“Yeah. We took the train. To downtown Boston.”

Author: Casey

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