Fancy About Baseball


“Riley, are you ready to go to the Red Sox game?”

“Yes! Let me get my crown!”

Roozle loves baseball. She loves being fancy too. So it only makes sense that she’s super fancy about baseball.


At batting practice, she realized she could sit on my feet so she wouldn’t get Fenway dirt on her dress. She brought a notebook and pen along too. Not for autographs, though, just to work on her writing work.


At batting practice, three balls rolled over to her. She liked the clean one the best. Because of course she did.


Being fancy about baseball is hard work. Let’s take a rest.


There’s nothing more fancy than hanging out with new friends. Oh hey Wally!


On our way out, she found the fanciest Red Sox hat ever created. It totally rules. Almost as much as her crown.

Fancy about baseball is my favorite kind of fancy.

Author: Casey

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