Summer Plans


Summer is here. For real, this time. Because it’s July. And hot. I love summer. Shorts, high tops, and a hoodie is my favorite outfit. Good job, summer in Boston most of the time! I keep an emergency hoodie in my car in case the temperature drops. Or there’s a cloud or something.

When school finished up, we heard a lot about summer plans. We didn’t hear of such a thing when Roozle was in daycare or preschool. The assumption was that we would work full time and she would be in a care situation. But now, it’s apparently different.

Except not.

We still work full time. So, Roozle is spending her entire summer at camp. This talk of summer plans made me feel pretty terrible about it at first, but after camp started she told us all about walking to the library and sprinkler parks and riding the train and learning how to jump rope and making new friends and going to the museum.

I don’t feel bad anymore.

We do have summer plans. It doesn’t involve mid-day naps or days at the beach or vacations and all kinds of awesome things. We’re just doing different awesome things.

We’re exploring home.

Some of that, Riley is doing without us. Making memories and being brave and trying new things with new friends. And some of that exploring happens on weekends.

We take day trips to see my parents by the ocean and spend an afternoon at the beach. We explore different neighborhoods here in Boston with their fancy shops and dresses in the windows and new stairs to climb on and swan boats to ride. We eat ice cream after dinner sometimes. We don’t watch the clock as carefully at bedtime. We relax the screen time rules a bit. And we work. A lot. And that’s okay. That’s part of our summer, part of our lives.

Summer totally rules.

Author: Casey

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