Faith Is Like Stairs Or Something


Before we left visiting my parents in their beach town last weekend, we stopped to take some pictures of the ocean as we sometimes do. We went to a different spot and found this. I’m sure it’s some way to walk a boat into the water. Or at low tide there’s a beach. Or a long list of real reasons there would be stairs that go straight into the ocean. But in this moment all I could think was OMG there are stairs that lead you straight into the giant ocean. WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE.

Perhaps I was putting a tiny bit of my recent faith crisis onto this poor unsuspecting set of steps. Perhaps a total freak out and five photos was a bit unnecessary for what is essentially just a pool ladder. But this is what happens when you go to the beach after church. When you’re me.

Feeling a bit like new faith and church and all the things was a set of secret stairs leading me to imminent drowning, I decided to meet with the pastor of the church we’ve recently started going to. We met tonight. I didn’t drown.

I think I’m going to be okay and don’t have to jump straight into the ocean just yet. I may spend some time on the stairs first.

Author: Casey

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