I Love The Internet


The internet totally ruled this week. As usual. But maybe a little more than usual. We celebrated together. We grieved together. We asked for help and got it. We laughed all the laughs and cried all the tears. We listened to music. We shared our lives, like we do, over and over. We were vulnerable and scared and proud and brave. The internet totally rules. Because we make it happen. We show up and create these spaces around us. These posts made it all even better this week.

Good job, bloggers. Good job, internet.

“Don’t tell someone you love them. They already know. They know because you talk to them or write, you send a card on their birthday. They know because you show up at their house, or because they’re your mother or sister. Life is gorgeous and cruel and fragile, and we hear all the time, “Tell the people you love how you feel.” But don’t tell them you love them, that’s for amateurs.”

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“I don’t know what my kids’ sexual orientation(s) will turn out to be and I don’t care. What I care about is modeling CELEBRATION to them – CELEBRATION of HUMANS BEING THEMSELVES in a place where it is safe and, thankfully, APPLAUDED to do so.

“Be proud of who you are,” said the parade.”

Read more of May We All Pursue Happiness #Pride at girlsgonechild.net.

“I’m here to say that mommy blogging remains a radical act, that it still matters, and that it’s full of heart and soul and authenticity and beauty.

Yes, yes. I know. Mommy Blogger so-and-so posted a sponsored review of such-and-such diaper even though you know she uses a different brand. And someone else “sold out” and hasn’t posted anything of “real merit” in “forever.” And no one tells real stories anymore or writes authentically or shares the hard stuff or is actively making connections with other bloggers or their own readers.


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“There’s a moment when you feel aware of the absence of pain, and that simple moment is such a wonder that it’s practically euphoric. And you remember what it’s like to not hurt. What it’s like to live. And it is so beautiful there aren’t words for it. It’s so incredibly easy to forget what it’s like to breathe when you’ve been holding your breath for so long.”

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“Eventually, I started murmuring along with them. For the first time in my life, praying felt good.

There was no thinking involved. It didn’t stress me out. I didn’t have to get all freaked out planning my prayers. There was no showing off for God–or anyone else.

Catholic prayer was accessible. For an exhausted mother of five, this was EVERYTHING.”

Read more of How A Protestant Learned To Pray Like A Catholic (and actually started LIKING prayer) at ElizabethEsther.com.

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Author: Casey

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