A Year Later


Today is our one year fully married anniversary. Though we had already been married nearly 9 years here in Massachusetts, until a year ago, our marriage wasn’t federally recognized. That meant a whole lot of things, including filing single on our taxes, though we weren’t. And aren’t.

A year later, marriage equality seems to be a force that can hardly be stopped. I say hardly, because it has been. Or delayed. Or pushed really hard against. Hate is still very real.

A year later, we’re a bit closer to ending the conversation on marriage equality and starting to talk about the other issues that plague the LGBTQ community. Or maybe we aren’t. Not yet. We’ll get there.

A year later, and with every year that goes by, we get closer to healing the brokenness that so many of us carry. Because not too long ago, we weren’t celebrating so much. We were rejected and broken. We still are.

A year later, our little family is finding our place. With our government and renewed faith and mending broken relationships. We’re getting there.

A year later, I have hope. Still. And certainly a lot more than I did last year. I like that.

Hope is my favorite.

Author: Casey

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