On The Last Day Of School


On the last day of school, Roozle wears a new skirt that we took out of the package that morning and handed her to wear. It’s blue, but not the right color blue for the school uniform. Because she only has two uniform color skirts that still fit. And it’s the last day of school.


On the last day of school, she brings cold pasta and frozen vegetables for lunch. I can’t remember the last time we went to the grocery store.


On the last day of school, we are all out of Cheerios, so we stop for a croissant on the way.


On the last day of school, we take extra pictures. Because it’s super exciting.

Tomorrow starts camp. In September, the second year of kindergarten begins. There will be new rules and new friends and new things to learn. We will again care about lunches and the uniform and not forget to buy cereal. We’ll still take all the pictures, though. Always.

“How was your last day of school?”
“Everything was disappeared!”

Until next year.

Author: Casey

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