The Struggle Is Real


Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the heartbreak around me. It feels like just too much. Life feels too hard too often. One wise friend reminded me that when we let more love into our lives, we let in the heartbreak too. I’ve certainly let the love in, so she must be right.

But goodness that heartbreak. Then I think about all those hurting that can’t tell me about it. Those who can’t tell their stories. It’s too much.

The only thing I know to do is to love and support those around me where they are. Sometimes that’s a blog comment or a tweet or liking an Instagram photo of the one not-hard moment in the day. I’m so okay with that. I’ll celebrate there too.

This weekend, try to find a few moments to show these friends some love: here, here, and here if you can. We need each other. Always.

How do you not get overwhelmed by all the heartbreak?

Author: Casey

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