Yoga At Fenway Park


I love yoga. And Fenway Park. Because baseball. And Boston. And so awesome. So when the Red Sox recently invited me to join a few other Boston bloggers at Fenway Park to preview the upcoming FenwaYoga, I of course said OKAY. Also because when the Red Sox ask you to do anything, you say yes. It’s basically a law here in Boston.


We enjoyed a yoga class that totally wrecked me in all the good ways yoga does. Every single time I leave a yoga class, I wonder why I don’t do this way more. Yoga totally rules.

And of course now every time I mention yoga at all, Riley announces to everyone, “Sometimes my mommy does yoga at Fenway Park and sometimes at the YMCA!” Yeah. By sometimes, I think she meant once. Good job, Roozle.


But this weekend, let’s do yoga at Fenway Park! On Sunday, the warning track will be loaded with yoga mats to raise money for the Red Sox Foundation. The registration cost is $25, but you can save $10 by using the case sensitive promo code REDSOXMOM. You should totally do it. Because yoga at Fenway Park totally rules.

Register or learn more about this amazing event here: FenwaYoga.

Disclosure: As a RedSoxMom, I was given the opportunity to preview FenwaYoga, but all opinions are my own. Go Sox.

Photos courtesy of The Boston Red Sox.

Author: Casey

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