Let Her Go


She never crawled. She rolled over, late, and then didn’t go anywhere. She didn’t cruise. Or pull up to stand. She just sat a lot. And loved it. While she sat, she played with stuff. Or ate all the things. Or signed all the signs.

Eventually, we started getting nervous. I mean, she is supposed to move, right? All her friends were moving. Walking. Running. Getting into stuff. She just sat there. Or held our hands to get around.

I googled a lot. As you do. Especially as a new mom. Or just because I google all the things. We got her into Early Intervention, but that didn’t turn out to be very helpful for this kid. She just wasn’t ready.

One piece of advice we read over and over was whatever you do, don’t get the kid a walker. It will take away their motivation and ruin them. Or something. So we didn’t. We followed the rules. We did everything we were supposed to do.

Until one day we arrived at daycare and our immobile Roozle was blissed out in a walker. They broke the rules. And it was amazing.

This gave us the permission we needed to break the rules too. This is our kid, after all. So we got her one. It was awesome. Two months later, she walked. It was all okay. We hadn’t ruined her.

It turns out, you can’t always believe what you read online. Sometimes it’s okay to just go with what makes you blissed out. Especially when it’s on sale at Target for $20 like this fancy piece of plastic joy was.

Author: Casey

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