What Is God?


After church last week, she told me she believes in God. I asked her what she meant. She didn’t know. I don’t know either. So we dropped it.

When there’s a five year old around, dropping it is really a temporary situation. You might get a week. Likely less. That time should be spent begging other people to give you all the answers. Or reading all the library books.

This is not a time to rest. The hard questions always come back.

“Mommy, what IS God, anyway?”

She asked last night. We had just sat down to read together on the couch. A princess book. Because five year olds don’t need relevant moments to be reminded of things their parents aren’t ready for.

“What do you think?”

This never works, but I tried it anyway.

“God is bad! That’s why we shouldn’t say oh my god.”

Oh dear. This isn’t going well.

“We don’t say oh my god because it could feel unkind to people who believe in God. Not because God is bad.”

“What IS God?”

I stumbled. I fumbled. It was awful. I made it too complicated. I told her about evolution and how some people think God created everything. Some people think there’s no such thing as God at all. But we don’t know. I don’t know. Nobody really knows.

She lost interest halfway through it all. Thankfully. We’ll revisit this one with some library books soon. Next time, I’ll be prepared.

Author: Casey

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