So Much Talking


She had a lot to say today. Maybe the same amount as usual, but we were on our own, so it was all directed at me.

“Did you know that everything is nature except the sun and clouds?”

“Did you know that my friend has real life coyotes in the woods? Because his house is at the front of the woods and the woods is nature?”

“Did you know that birds in this movie can talk but real birds in real life can’t even talk?”

“Did you know you can make spaghetti from vegetables?”

“Is this a peach or an apricot? I don’t like apricots. They’re sour.”

“Can you staple this for me?”

“Can you move the car over and stop and unbuckle my car seat so I can reach Rapunzel?”

“Did you know that the yellow Skittles are actually lemon?”

And on. And on. And on. It was awesome. And hilarious. And perfect. And now I am going to be early with my library book and tea and all the quiet. Until tomorrow.

Author: Casey

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