Saying Goodbye


It’s just a cat.

The vet sits on our living room floor. He can’t find a vein.

It’s just a cat.

He was so small as a kitten. He slipped away and ran off into the woods. I still can’t believe we found him. We got him back.

It’s just a cat.

When he came to live with us, six years ago, we didn’t think he would last long. We didn’t know how much the other cats would care for him. We had no idea how Riley would adore him. And how we would let her carry him around like he did.

It’s just a cat.

He had a good life. He was loved. He became a member of our little family here. Yes, four cats was too many. But now there are three. Now he is gone.

I don’t know that any cat is just a cat.

We’ll miss you, Shadow. Saying goodbye is hard.

Author: Casey

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