Getting Started


Getting started is hard. That first step. The knowing it will be harder than it should be. I’m now a few weeks in and finding that it’s harder now that it was at first. The excitement is mostly gone. I’m still sore after every workout. It’s hard to keep moving. Hard to keep going. But I have. I keep going.

I’m discouraged and frustrated. My knees hurt. One more than the other. I haven’t figured out the best time to go to the gym to be sure I get a treadmill. I’m tired. I was tired before I started doing this. Now I’m just more tired. And sore. But I keep going.

I want to keep moving. I know it will get better. My knee will get stronger if I’m careful to keep going. Slowly. Until I’m ready for more.

I want to keep pushing hard against the discouragement. Soon enough it won’t feel so hard and hurty. Soon enough I might even like it.

Getting started is hard. But to keep going is harder. I’m doing it. Swimming. Jogging. Walking. Cycling. Yoga. I’m doing the work.

Author: Casey

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