At The Boston Marathon


It’s Marathon Monday here in Boston. After a great deal of thought and discussion, we decided to go cheer for the runners as we did for years before we became parents. We went to the suburbs where it was a bit quieter. Roozle made signs of hearts and flowers and cheered and clapped and high fived. We held back tears.

Today was hard, but so beautiful. Running is like that. When you see the determination and hard work and struggle in each runner’s body moving forward, pushing through, you can’t help but be inspired.


The conversation with Roozle about last year’s bombing has intensified lately. She has more questions. We won’t stop talking about it now. Or possibly ever. That’s okay. We’re not afraid of talking about the hard stuff around here. But in this family, and in this city, the love is always bigger. We celebrate that today.

Love rules.

Author: Casey

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