First Day Of Five


She checked her height when she woke up. She says she’s the same, but just a little taller. She’s trying to remember to keep her thumb up when she shows how old she is. She’s a full hand now. All five.

We picked her up early from after school to go out for a birthday dinner. She cried. She didn’t want to leave school. It’s hard to leave school. Especially when you’ve been away for a few days.

Five feels bigger. Taller. And tonight, way louder. Her love is bigger too. Tonight she called the cat into her bed. Maybe to pet him for a bit. Maybe to delay bedtime. I don’t mind either way. I love her love for him. I love her love for all of us.

The first day of five has been far from perfect, like the rest of five will likely be. But perfect isn’t what we’re looking for. Life rules in the new beginnings. The starting over. The kiss and hug after the tears. I want more of that this year. For all of us.

Happy birthday, Roozle. I love being your Mommy. Now please go to sleep.

Author: Casey

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