Roozle Goes To Disney


We took Roozle to Disney World for the first time today. Her head exploded. The princesses. The rides. The awesome. She decided we should call the ferry the “fairy.” This kid gets Disney Magic more than I ever could.


Meeting Cinderella was the highlight, for sure. They chatted about their fancy matching dresses and her upcoming birthday. So awesome.


Then Sleeping Beauty. So fancy.


She loved The Little Mermaid ride. And provided full commentary for everyone in line and throughout the ride. Thanks, Roozle. So helpful.


It’s super hot here, so the splash park ruled. We heard about it from friends ahead of time and packed her water shoes and bathing suit. Way to go, friends.


No trip to Disney is complete without the Disney Nap. Of course.


We had no idea what we were doing on this trip. We didn’t plan or fastpass or anything. We just brought Roozle and watched her freak out and went from there. We told her what we saw was available and asked her what she wanted. She told us. We did it. It ruled.

Good job, Disney World. You rule.

Author: Casey

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