I Found Love In My Latte


This week, I found love in my latte. This week was filled with heartbreak and sadness. Here in Boston, two firefighters lost their lives in a horrible terrifying fire. Many others were hurt. It’s so awful.

Then there was the landslide in Washington. The Malaysian plane.

Too much heartbreak. Too much.

Sometimes I get stuck in it. I get overwhelmed. I feel helpless. What can we possibly do when so many are so broken? When we’re all broken?

But then I find love in my latte. And in Roozle’s laugh. And in lunch with friends. In music. In finding the perfect parking spot. In laughing harder. In loving bigger.

There will always be great suffering, no matter what any of us do. Or don’t do. But there’s always love. Sometimes we just have to look a little harder to find it. And sometimes, it was right there all along.

Author: Casey

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