Act As If


For lent this year, I gave up looking at my phone in the car. I don’t usually celebrate lent. Or recognize it. Or whatever it is you do with lent anyway. But this year, I saw it as a good time to put my phone down.

In not having access to my phone, I’ve needed to get more creative with note taking during radio listening. And yes, as I’m writing this I realize I shouldn’t be taking notes at stop lights either. So, I’ll add that to my list. Or start pulling over, because I can’t lose all the ideas.

I love ideas.

Thanks to a stray Ikea pencil and a latte, “Act As If” went from a note during an NPR interview to a bit of a mantra these days.

Act as if the to-do list isn’t so long.
Act as if you got enough sleep.
Act as if winter actually left last week.
Act as if you have more patience.
Act as if you believe in your own ability.

In general, life rules. I have a bit of an optimism problem, really. But sometimes, OMG. So, I’m covered with a few Act As If’s.

What’s your Act As If?

Author: Casey

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