My Editor, She’s 4


“What kind of truck is that?”

“It’s a mail truck.”

“No. Mail trucks are brown.”

“Some package trucks are brown, but most mail trucks are white. Like that one.”

“Why does it have so many lights?”

“Some are for brakes, some as blinkers, and some for the dark.”

“Why are only some on?”

“The driver decides what lights to turn on. And if it gets dark, he or she will push the button.”

“You shouldn’t say that.”

“Say what?”

“You should just say the driver because how you said it will make the driver feel bad.”

“You can say he or she if you are talking about a job that can be for a boy or a girl.”

“No you can’t. Just say driver. Then no one feels bad.”


“Just say and the driver decides to push the button. Then if the driver is a boy OR a girl, no one feels bad.”

Thanks, editor. I’ll keep that in mind.

Author: Casey

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