The sun is shining through the window. Roozle is dancing on the table, after arranging all the furniture into something. I’m not sure what.

We turned the tv off this afternoon, though weekends are unlimited screen time days. She didn’t notice.

We played. And talked. And sang. And read stories. And played hopscotch which my knees are way too old for. I picked up the house, but you can’t really tell. I finished my latest library book.

Our weekend was also littered with all kinds of other moments, but I’m choosing to hang on a little tighter to these instead. Like how things were a bit more awesome an hour ago when I started this post and the mix of hunger and a time change and being inside too much lately went from awesome to not very quickly. I forgot how quickly it all turns on time change weekends. Sigh.

Maybe it’s because the sun went down and we lost the light. Come back, light. We’re getting desperate.

Oh. I mean, life rules. Because it does. Even in the suddenly hard moments.

Author: Casey

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