The Singing


“Let it go! Let it gooooo!”

“Riley, I need you to either stop singing or sing very quietly. We are at a cafe and people are working.”

“Okay but I sing because I love Elsa!”

“I know. Maybe just talk about her for a minute instead of singing so much.”

“Did you know she had magic ice in her hand and then she runs away and builds a bridge out of ice AND CHANGES HER DRESS?”

“Yes. I know. It’s so awesome.”

“For Halloween, I’m going to be Elsa.”

“Okay, but then I can’t hold your hand or I will turn to ice.”

“No you won’t, Mommy. It’s just pretend anyway… Let it go! LET IT GOOO!”

“Riley. Seriously. The singing.”

At least we’re getting a break from Annie.

Author: Casey

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