Library Day


I love the library. In theory, it’s awesome. It’s free. It’s full of books that rule. Our neighborhood branch is always full of kids and adults who don’t mind a little voice singing her way through the building.

In reality, Roozle and I have struggled. She wants everything. And then wants me to read it. Right then. No matter how long or not appropriate or how many people are around. When I explain that there’s no space to sit or that book isn’t a great choice or OMG it’s 300 pages about mean fairies or we really have to go, she gets really mad. The thing is, while this is typical four-year-old behavior, it actually doesn’t go down like this for us. I mean, of course there are tantrums and life is so hard sprinkled in to our lives, but it’s not so regular and tied to one spot. Sometimes it’s the grocery store, but not always. Maybe even not usually. Same with various coffee shops. But the library? Awful. Every time.

Until today.

First, we made a rule. I will read one book. We can stay longer to look, in fact, we should stay longer to look, but only one will be read there. Second, I got the library app on my phone. Now, when we arrive, there are books waiting for us that I’ve picked knowing she will like them. Like the Frozen book we picked up today. So much better.

After we picked up our books and read one (with an audience, as usual), and Roozle and her newest two little friends sang Let It Go together (complete with twirls), we left. We spent the rest of the afternoon reading the other books. With more singing too, of course.

Our favorite library books this week:

Journey by Aaron Becker
Oh how I love this book. It’s a gorgeous picture book. No words. Roozle tells us the story based on what she sees. So awesome.

Penny And Her Marble by Kevin Henkes
This is such a sweet story. I love the writing and pictures. It is a chapter book with short chapters and a tiny bit of suspense.

Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman and Caroline Binch
I saw this book at the library and fell in love with the pictures. When we got home, Roozle finished the sentences upon the first read. She didn’t mention they had this one at school for a few weeks. Lucky for me, she loves it still. Because I can’t stop reading it to her.

I love the library.

Author: Casey

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