Let It Go


Sometimes I wonder if we would all just put boxes on our heads from time to time if we’d take ourselves less seriously.

I haven’t had time for writing lately. The longer it goes, the more seriously I take myself. The more caught up I get in all of this. I forget how wrong I am. And how much I don’t know. When I just read and take it all in without sending enough back out, I get so stuck.

When really, I need to just put a cardboard box on my head. And remember to laugh more.

I need to write enough to be wrong. To work it out. To hit walls and leave it alone. To remember how freeing it can be to let the struggle go.

From inside the box, she laughed. A lot. Then took it off to scratch our little dog’s head. She recounted how many times she begged me to read a book to her at the library. Even though I had lost my patience with the incessant requests at the time, by now she had forgiven both of us.

For me, letting go is not a mental exercise. It requires action. Usually writing. For Roozle, it’s a bit of silliness with an Amazon Prime box in the living room.

The end result is the same.

This week, let’s not take ourselves so seriously. Let’s get unstuck. Let’s let it go.

*All references to letting go and let it go are strongly influenced by a song that is currently on repeat in the next room with a tiny voice singing along instead of sleeping.

Author: Casey

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