This kid is a great coffee date. We didn’t mean to go out for coffee today. Especially after yesterday’s awful-no-listening-so-much-hitting-general-it’s-OMG-so-hard-to-be-four trip to the library. But. Today is a new day. We played a new game:

“I love you.”

“I love you more.”

“I love you most! I win!”

(thank you BurghBaby!)

I didn’t bring the iPad or a notebook or a pen. We just talked. And sang to the pop music playing. We knew most of the songs. Including Roozle’s latest favorite,

“Say something, I’ll give it up on you.”

We talked about the cooking show that was muted above the bar. We guessed what they were making and decided whether we liked it or not. Mostly not, due to meat recipes.

We ate snacks and stayed over an hour. She hugged me when we left.

Some days, this parenting thing totally rules. Other times, we phone a friend. The important part is allowing the reset. If I had let yesterday scare me too much, I would’ve missed today. The hard moments are just that. Moments. In those moments, OMG. But, after? I need to remember to start over. I like this kid a lot. Especially when we begin again.

Author: Casey

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