City Girl


“Are we in the trunktree?”

“The what?”

“The trunk… ah… I don’t know what it’s called but it sounds like trunktree I think.”

“What does the word mean that you’re trying to say?”

“Um, like not the city? The trunktree?”

“Oh. The country. No, we’re not in the country. We’re actually still in Boston, but we’re right at the edge. We’re going to the suburbs. That’s a word for being just outside of the city but not as far as the country. I grew up in the suburbs and Papa worked in the city.”

“Yeah. Until he quit.”

“He retired.”

“Why did he do that? Because work is so boring?”

“Well, no, work isn’t always so boring. Some people love what they do for work. Others don’t. It depends on what people love and what people do.”

“Yeah, like you LOOOOVE your job. Your writing work is your favorite work ever.”

“Yes, I do love my writing work, but I also have another job that I do every day at my office that isn’t my writing work.”

“Yeah, and you also have another job. It’s your job to be my mommy. That’s your parent job.”

“Right. How am I doing with that job?”

“Very good. You’re really good at your mommy job.”

“Oh good.”

“Can you tell me when we’re back in the city?”

“Yes. I will.”

Author: Casey

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