I watched them walk. They were almost together. And going in the wrong direction. Roozle would only walk in the snow. It started to rain. I watched as the rain lightly fell on today’s snow. The light made it sparkle on the heavy tree branches. The sand and salt and new snow and old at my feet, layered like a fossil telling the story of last week and the weekend and today and winter altogether.

I reminded Roozle to turn around or at least start to make her way to the restaurant at my back. I reminded her of the rain she was too busy to notice. They finally turned to walk toward me and I wondered if this could be it. What if this right here was our last moment this year to stand on fresh snow?

I paused, thankful for the chance to take it in. Hoping to remember to always see it this way. As the last one. Because if it is, even though I’m done with winter, I don’t want to miss the magic.

Author: Casey

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