Thanks to Sara Bareilles and Roozle’s love of pop music, the word brave is heard a lot around here. Requested on repeat. Sung over other songs. Thankfully giving us a break from Roar. And Call Me Maybe before that.

Roozle is a really cautious kid. It’s hard not to push her a bit. One thing I’ve learned over these almost five years with her is to not tell her to be brave. Ever. She’s not interested. Instead, I ask her, “Do you want to be brave?” Sometimes she does. And then I walk alongside her caution and we try to find her brave together. Because you can’t really tell someone to be brave. But you can walk with them and bring the support they need to face a challenge.

What if we treat ourselves this way? Instead of pushing hard, we gently walk alongside. What if we treat each other this way?

So much of being brave for me is facing challenges without making it more than it is. Slow progress is still progress. Going slow is still going. I’m really good at forgetting that. My brave isn’t the go hard and fight kind, it’s slower and requires more introspection and digging into the hard heart stuff. That’s where I want to be brave.

Do you want to be brave?

Author: Casey

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