Love in Threes


After a long, hard, so sick week last week, I started this week overwhelmed and behind. I worked really hard this week to go gently. I went slow. Focused. And got back on track, somehow making up for lost time. With less coffee even! I’m sure it will never happen again, so I’m happily hanging out in it.

So I’m back to loving life. And the internet. There was this (omg beautiful and heartbreaking), and this (because it’s so important to admit out loud when we are wrong), and this (because BlogHer’s Voices of the Year totally rules and I was interviewed to tell you about why).

The question of the week: Do you believe in God?

And not online, but important just the same, is that I finally got around to reading Pastrix. Well, actually I listened to all seven hours of the audiobook in less than a day. BECAUSE AWESOME. Especially if you have any of the Christian church in your background. Or if you love awesome people who are awesome.

And now I’m off to a dance party fundraiser with my amazing wife on an actual DATE. Happy Saturday!


Edited to add: I do recognize that this is not three things. Because I can’t just love three things. I love all the things! Perhaps I need a new title. Maybe next time it will be I Love All The Things. Because seriously, I do. Life rules.


Author: Casey

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