I hear a lot about practice in this house. Roozle often narrates her drawings. She’s practicing getting her moose just right. For a while, the focus was stars. And lips. And hearts. Over and over, she practices. Not without frustration. Even tears. But she keeps going until she happens upon something else to master.

I think about how uncommon it is to hear grown-ups use the word practice. Unless maybe for sports. Or meditation. But we don’t practice writing, we write. We don’t practice driving, we commute. We don’t practice cooking, we make dinner.

In the process of not practicing, perhaps we lose the spirit of learning. Roozle knows she won’t get it right every time. She anticipates mistakes as a part of the process. I need more of that.

This week’s challenge is to look at your practice. Are you anticipating mistakes? Is there something you practiced and quit because of the frustration of struggle? Do you expect it all to be right? Good? Perfect?

In focusing on practice this week, I am planning to make time for my guitar. I’m going to write a poem. And try to see the other things I love (writing, meditation, cooking) as the practice they are. We’re always getting better. We just need more practice.

Author: Casey

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