Bread Is Magic


When I first started baking bread, I was in it for the wrong reasons. I thought it was just about making bread to eat. I thought it was about making healthier versions of what we were buying. I struggled. The dough wouldn’t rise. I thought I needed different equipment maybe. Or different ingredients. Or something.

I was right. Something was missing. It was magic.

Baking bread is magic. It doesn’t work any other way. You have to love it. Wait for it. Tend to it. You have to balance being careful with doing the work. You have to be willing to stop fighting. Let it be. Let the magic work itself out.

I get it now. I’m willing to wait. And wishing for a bit more time in my life to let this magic happen as yet another weekend floats by with no bread made. But soon. Very soon. There will be magic.

Author: Casey

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