We live right on the edge. One side has it pretty well together. Meals are good. Schedules are kept. The house is tidy. The other side has fallen completely apart. Dinner is take out. The house is not just a little messy but there are piles to step over everywhere you turn. I still don’t understand how quickly this occurs. There is way too much to do no time to do it. We are short with each other and longing for the other side.

Throughout the week, we tend to stay on the edge of together with a day or two in OMG.

And then the sickness hits.

The one and possibly only good thing about being sick is that I can make peace with not having it together. The lines blur. The ability to do one load of laundry or go to work for a day becomes a celebrated victory. Ordering dinner is considered a good idea instead of giving up.

I’m still sick, five days later, writing this from bed on my phone. I’m thinking I could use a lot more blurry gentle lines between success and failure in my life. And maybe not just when I’m sick.

Pictured above: Roozle and I colored in my bed after school today and I ate crackers for dinner. I’m getting better. Finally. Success.

Author: Casey

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