The View From Here


Water, Advil, a thermometer, a bowl, and some Gatorade that won’t stay down.

I’ve been awake in small increments. Sweaty, shivering, thirsty, pukey increments.

I thought about writing The 5 Stages Of Being Sick but couldn’t get past the first stage of Is this the flu or food poisoning? You know, as if it matters.

I considered taking a day off blogging, but it made me too sad to have this bad day ruin my streak. It would be really smart of me to have draft posts ready to go for days like these. I say that a lot and don’t ever seem to manage it.

So here we are. In bed. Me and Zoe, the tiny dog. She has been with me all day. At least this misery isn’t lonely.

Author: Casey

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