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Because I blog every day, it helps me to do a little round up of what I’ve written during the week. This way, you only need to read one post of mine in a week to catch up, and I can remember what I’ve written.

Tomorrow: I thought about this post all week. Last weekend Roozle decided she didn’t want to cooperate anymore to get a marble and would try again tomorrow. You’re right Roozle, there’s always tomorrow. We can always try again. Start over. That rules.

Patience: The word study this week was Patience. The best part about studying these words is that I seem to hear them and see them all week everywhere. Just like I noticed that my neighbor’s license plate has J-Lo on on and now I see J-Lo license plates all over Boston. SAME THING. I’ve been listening to an audio book “Real Happiness” by Sharon Salzberg. Right now she’s talking about unhealthy human tendencies. One of them, aversion, includes fear, anger, hatred, and impatience. Thinking of impatience as aversion… WHOA.

My Bathroom Ballerina: And then Roozle found a ballet bar in a Bertucci’s bathroom. That ruled.

Capturing The Moment: Wednesday I posted my favorite photo of this week. I may start doing this on Wednesdays. Because blogging every day is hard, yo. If you follow me on Instagram, you can just ignore this one as it will likely be a duplication. And you should totally be following me on Instagram.

Good Things Are Good: This was the revelation of the week. Don’t make a good thing into a bad thing. I do this a lot. I’m stopping that now.

In The City, In The Car: We spend a lot of time in the car in traffic. It’s fun.

What was your favorite post on Life with Roozle this week?
What did you write this week?

Author: Casey

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