In The City, In The Car


Living in the city, we spend a lot of time sitting in traffic. On my way to work this week, I listened to an audio book with a few guided meditations. Roozle brings a notebook and pen. And a snack. We ask each other silly questions. We ask each other not so silly questions that are taken too seriously.

“Riley, what’s your favorite: a dog or a cat.”

“Both because if I say cat then Zoe (our dog) will feel bad.”

“What rhymes with hat?”


“What rhymes with Riley?”


We tell stories. Most of the stories I remember, and she loves to hear, are stories of injuries. When Papa broke his leg. When Uncle Brutha cut his knee. When I tripped over the hose.

Or we make up stories. Roozle picks the characters and I tell the story. This week’s popular one was about Annie and Pippi Longstocking creating a roof deck garden in New York City. It ruled.

Though I’d always rather be on my bike, car rides are pretty awesome lately.

Author: Casey

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