Capturing A Moment


I take a lot of pictures. Of everything. But mostly of Roozle and my lattes. We laugh while I take the pictures. I show her. She asks to see. She tries to make it blurry. Thanks, Roozle.

She makes a lot of faces. She laughs and sings and talks. I do too. A lot.

My mom took a lot of pictures of us as kids too. We stopped. We posed. That’s what you did then. It was about capturing a day. A visit. A place. A memory. Now, it’s about capturing a moment.

I captured this moment yesterday. We went out for ice cream after Roozle got her (very late) flu shot. Her pediatrician’s office is close to the ice cream shop. We’ve made it part of our doctor visit ritual. For a kid who gets pretty nervous about doctor visits, a relaxing ice cream treat after is a good fit. It’s nice for the nervous parent too.

Author: Casey

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