We’ve been using a marble system to encourage cooperation around here for a while. Five marbles earns a prize.

We started the weekend shopping to get out of the house, to pick up a few things we needed, to get me a latte, and to replenish the reward basket. With a few new much desired items in the basket, motivation was high for helping out. All according to plan.

This afternoon, with only one marble left to earn, we decided to go out for ice cream instead of lunch. Cooperation on the adventure would earn the last marble. I know better than such an open ended totally unfair agreement, but I was a bit desperate and tired on my third day of solo parenting. After yet another marble reminder, deep in the hole I dug for myself, Roozle decided she was done.

“I’ve decided that I don’t want any more marbles today. I’ve worked hard enough this weekend and feel like I can just work hard tomorrow to get my last marble.”

Okay, then Roozle. Tomorrow. A fresh start for all of us. For my patience. For eating better. More gentleness. Less nagging. Tomorrow.

Author: Casey

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