Nine Days


Nine days into the new year. I heard that it takes fourteen days to create a new habit. So if I struggle to meet my goals for the first nine days, does that mean I’m creating a habit of struggle? It feels that way.

I thought this year would be easier. Blog every day. Fill a notebook with free writing per month. Write a book. I’m not sure why I thought any of that would be easier than last year’s number goals. Writing a book involves reading all the books, taking all the notes, asking all the questions, and writing all the words. Free writing 70 pages a month means free writing 2-3 pages a day. Or more if I miss a day, which I have. Blogging every day is just that. It rules, but if I fall behind, it’s hard to catch up.

Nine days into the new year, how are your goals and resolutions coming along? I’m making it. But barely.

Author: Casey

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