Choosing To Go


Did you pick a word for the year? A word set ahead of you, like an intention. A word to guide you. I chose a word. I didn’t really have to think about it much, it just happened. While reading a post about someone else’s chosen word, I knew I had to go. Go forward. Go deeper. Stop stopping. Stop running. Press through the stuff that has been too hard. Keep going. Go.

I need to go because I tend to stop. I run out of enthusiasm. Things get too hard. I stop. I change direction. This year, I want to go. Or keep going. I’m writing more. Reading more. Listening more. Digging into the hard stuff. Because go.

Go makes me question my reason to stop.
Go helps me be present.
Go encourages me to try new things.

In my many years as a born again Christian, one of my most favorite ways to learn was through word studies. I would choose a word or phrase and look into it’s meaning, context, and definition. I meditated on how to take the depth of the word into my life. One of the ways I plan to go this year is to dig a bit through my Christian past, one I’ve all but discarded. I’m ready to go back. A little at a time. There’s a lot still there for me to work through. That’s what happens when you’re kicked out. You leave without the chance to look around. You miss the chance to pack a bag with the things you want to take with you. You end up just leaving it all behind.

One of the ways I plan to do that is to bring the word studies back. The Monday challenges for 2014 will be a different word each week to meditate on, to figure out, work through, and use to make you better. Make me better. That’s why I’m here. To grow. To be challenged. To be better.

This week, I invite you to hold on to go with me. What makes you stop? What would you do differently if you couldn’t stop yourself? What would you say or do or love? Go there this week. Go to the hard places. Let yourself be vulnerable. Don’t stop. Go.

Will you join me?

Above definition of go from, see full definition here.

Author: Casey

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